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Super MIC B12+ One Bottle - 30 Shots


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This supercharged-premium dietary supplement provides accelerated support through all of life's plateaus. It's only 20 Calories per serving and has a smooth naturally sweet taste.

8 fl. oz. - 16 servings per bottle

20 Calories

30 Servings

  • Doctor Developed
  • No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, Colorants nor any artificial preservatives.
  • Naturally increase your energy without stimulants or caffeine to the level of Supercharged. Finally break through plateaus*
  • Regain focus and a sense of satisfaction by fueling your body with Supercharged nutrients for your brain. Reach your goals*
  • Sculpt and shape your body to thrive. Getting vital nutrients may enable you to look and perform at your best*
  • Lipotropic nutrients naturally detox and remove fat from the liver. Healthy liver, healthy body. Feel and function at your best*
  • Happiness is where you want to be. Have more energy, exercise, eat better, feel better and you will be happy* 

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